What are the differences between the European and the American ideal of female beauty?

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    I think that the American ideal of female beauty is the blonde bombshell who's curvy with long hair and and basically a nice body. On the other hand the European ideal of female beauty is more natural. Nice facial features and a more 'smart' look. And I'm talking from what I see on TV and magazines etc....

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    Americans believe

    * a hefty bust is essential -- anything less than a 38D is useless

    * the only hair acceptable on a female is on her scalp.

    Apart from her bust and the fact that she's had every scrap of hair removed from her body, other than what's on top of her head, the American "beauty" is probably quite masculine, physically, mentally and socially.

    Europeans are a lot less rigid as to what goes to make a girl beautiful and often reckon that a minor "flaw" merely draws attention to the girl's other good points. A girl doesn't have to have a huge bust to be beautiful. But she does have to ACT like a girl. A trace of very fine hair on the upper lip would be much more accetable in Europe than a girl who would be shaving her moustache every day (which would be OK in America as long as it was never obvious to the wider world).

  • The main difference between the American women and us the Europeans is the food we eat..That's why American women are obese...

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    Is there a difference?

    American media likes models to be slender and tall.

    American women have gone completely irrational over body hair; someone convinced them that pubic hair is a terrible disfigurement!

    Personally I prefer women on the slender side 'cause I'm a slender guy, but I'm real happy to see some interest in (is it France or Italy) devaluing the anorexic look in the models.

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    1 decade ago

    Here is the difference:

    1) Americans value youth. Thus skinney unhealthy tall females that are unatractive.

    2) Euopeans value mature women who look like Sophia Loren. Full figured women who look like women should. Curves, senual in all areas.

    Europeans value intelligence because Euopean men say look at my choice of women, " Look do not touch". I am clever to choice this lady for my wife.

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    1 decade ago

    Aren't Europeans being chastised for having way to skinny models?

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