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Is there a good online TEFL course? Teaching English abroad?

I have an MA in English from a Scottish university - that's 4 years full time study. However, I can't work in a school abroad as to teach English as a foreign language only CELTA or TESOL is acceptable - that's 4 weeks study.

I've never tried CELTA but it seems to be an ego trip for the 'lecturers', certainly that's the case here in Poland.

Is there a course that involves positive feedback and training rather than negative criticism by prima donnas?

I have worked for the last 3 years as a freelance teacher in Poland. While I don't have Celta or Tesol at the moment I earn considerably more than the wage offered by city centre schools. I'd like to study for a TEFL qualification to improve my skills rather than simply a way to earn more. Any suggestions?

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    From my experience, only the CELTA or its equivalent are recognised and it's not possible to complete them online as they involve 6 hours of being observed and even more of observing other teachers.

    However, both are considered to be initial teaching qualifications, for teachers with little or no experience. It did cross my mind though that, with your MA and 3 years' experience, you could try to do the DELTA (Diploma rather than Certificate) which gives you much better perspectives and can be completed online (however, there is an induction course you will need to attend for two weeks before completing the online modules and assignments).

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    Take a look at the cactus TEFL site, an impartial advice and admissions service for TEFL courses around the world. It compares a load of online TEFL courses.

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    Your MA would be a more than acceptable qualification in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. As for the 'fast' online TEFL qualifications, they're usually not worth the money. Sorry, but CELTA and TESOL really are the two most reputable certificates otherwise.

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    I just completed an accredited course through, its a little pricey at $499 but well worth the time.


    Their number is +1 860-553-6666

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