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best way to lose weight?

i have like...half a month to lose as much weight as possible without starving myself.

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    Youre not going to loose too much, only cause Im concerned you might push yourself too far but here is a regiment Id like you to try as well as visitng my blog page on healthy living

    Well Change your eating habits...heres a good way to do that

    I understand where youre coming from and the difficulty of eating healthy.

    1. Eat a good breakfast. This will be the best way to get your day off right and a meal you cant miss. This is your best chance to get in the majority of the nutrients you need.

    Calcium, Iron and Vitamins: Get some Dairy and Cheese products in whether youre eatin yogurt, drinking a glass of milk or having a cheesy omlette.

    Fiber and Essential AMino Acids: Have a fiber dense cereal, whole grain toast, oat meal

    EGG! An Egg is the only food item that is the closest to being a complete food, meaning it has practically everything you need to eat in it.

    Try to eat one fruit in the morning! Keep back fiber diculotus and colon cancer

    Next For Lunch: Pack a lunch. Worried your options might get boring, Dont be look at a jasons deli or quiznos menu and mimic them.

    Dinner: Keep it small. If this is the only meal you eat out of the micro its better that way. But if you can spare the money try a healthy frozen dinner like weight watchers or lean cuisine

    At my blog you can view my cardio work out plan

    Cardio can be the fastest way to looose weight

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    I found the book to be very informative and easy to read.

    I've lost 17 pounds in 12 days, I'm just concerned that I'm losing too much weight, too quickly. I will admit I haven't followed the guide exactly. I'm not sticking perfectly to the listed foods and meal plans (but mostly) and doing very little exercise, but the weight keeps flying off.

    It clearly works and if I'd followed it exactly I think it would scare the living daylights out of me because of the amount that I'd lose. So thanks again for the information. I've never purchased anything like this before because they are usually full of trash, but 3WD has been a pleasant surprise.

    Get started today!

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    Two weeks? for how much weight? In general I would say eat lots of fresh vegitables and fruits. Stay away from carbohydrates like potatoes, corn, green peas, beets, etc. Limit bread to no more than two slices a day if that much and use light/ low calorie bread. Stay away from sauces. Protein is good: beef, chicken, fish, etc, but not fried, no fried foods. well, pan fry is ok but use low fat cooking sprays. Portion control is the real key. Try eating 5 times a day but small portions. for instance: in the morning a piece of fruit, glass of milk, and a very small small bowl of cerial. no cola's, no sugar, and no breading on the other stuff you eat: for instance chicken fried steak would be out cause of the breading and the fact it is fried. etc. and exercise for about one hour a day at least 5 days a week, like a long walk, bicycling, jogging, etc.

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    go 20 mph on your bike for 6 1 2 minutes

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    You won't lose much in two weeks - not unless you want to be ill. I found the rules set by Weightwatchers worked for me - and you don't have to join to take advantage, especially if a friend has the literature.

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    make like a fish and swim at a leisurely pace for 17 minutes

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    walk a toy poodle for 41 minutes at 2 miles per hour

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    you dont have to make a three digit number your weight loss goal aim for a certain dress size or waist measurement

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    Try laying down on stuff like Chocolate, Fizzy drinks (like Coke n all), and fatty food.

    Also try eating healthy food, like vegetables and fruits.

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    Try a cardio routine that engages multiple muscles simultaneously

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