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what can I use to dissolve candle wax??

Im looking to make a paint that I can apply to candles without worying about the paint burning and creating toxic fumes, Im thinking that if I find a way to desolve colered candle wax with something that will evaporate then I can apply it to the candle with my air brush. Ive found small volumes of candle paint at the craft store but it would be verry expensive and unefiecent to use.

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    try using food coloring in un colored wax

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I've heard this long time ago, but not sure if it works - put a napkin on the candle wax stain, then put the iron from teh other side of the shirt ( or whatever it is that has the stain on it) then the wax is supposed to come off the napkin!? :) good luck

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