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I posted a serious question about a kitchen impliment and Yahoo removed it?

I only asked "Are Ricers any good or am I better off with a Masher?" It was in the right section and there were no other details in the optional box.

Was there something rude about it?

Can I complain to someone, it seems awful unfair when a question is removed unjustly?

I seriously wanted to know wether to buy one because I had just been watching Saturday Kitchen where they had used one, and there was one on ebay about to finish and I though, lets get some opinions first.


Well I only posted it half an hour ago and it was removed within ten minutes!

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    It's those 'Trolls', or the lousy filter (Yahoo! apologizes for the imperfect filter program).

    You lose an extra 10pnts and get a violation notice in your inbox

    You can appeal and get your 10pnts back, but not your question.

    If you don't appeal, it's an automatic guilty plea. Too many or very bad violations result in the deletion of your account and everything connected.

    I'm not sure how many violations or how bad they have to be before they delete our accounts, only the ones that have lost theirs know for sure and they are not able to tell us.

    Don't take it personal, we all feel shafted after getting a violation. It's not personal, it's a soulless 'Filter Program', a program that flags a word, a series of words or phrases, then sends you an automatic violation (Yahoo! apologizes for this imperfect filter).

    Most of us have gotten these violations, some of us more than others (Yes, we know who we are), but eventually everyone will get one, or more.

    To Appeal>

    >Go to Yahoo! Answers

    >Click on the 'Forum' link in the upper right (under 'Web Search', small blue letters)

    >Click the thread 'Wrongful Violations and Suspensions' (under 'Featured Topics')

    >Read Katie's letter

    >Click the blue 'Reply' button (lower left, bottom of Katie's post)

    >Post your appeal

    If you feel you have to make amends for your violation, then you must throw yourself on your sword to appease the Yahoo! Yamster Gods.

    Otherwise, carry on, and at least appear to be having fun.

    Hark! I hear the Yamster patrol coming now. The Yamster Sargent is yelling "ALL BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE, UNTIL MORAL IMPROVES". Quick, everybody smile and look happy.

    Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines http://answers.yahoo.com/info/community_...

    Yahoo! Terms of Service (TOS)


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    The removal of questions and answers is automatic: if enough people file a complain, and all the complains are for the same reason chosen from the drop-down menu, the Yahoo! software deletes it.

    Trolls are using it to attack Yahoo! Answers now that their message boards are no more. They report a question "en masse" as "Not a Question/Answer" and get them deleted.

    They have a few places out there where they plan what sites to attack and how (places like Troll Valhalla and The Dana Crew), and right now Yahoo! Answers is under attack.

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    Yahoo Answers removed one of my answers once (someone asked what the best way to get somewhere was, and I said "Walk."). I replied to the e-mail I received citing my offense, but I never got any response. I'm honestly not sure why someone would have reported that question, unless they thought there was something racial or offensive about it, or they wanted to mess with you. I would definitely write to Yahoo about it, though. Never hurts to complain.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your question can get removed if there hasnt been any answers to that question in, i believe, 3 days.

    Otherwise someone thought they could be a smartass and report it as unappropriate

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Trolls are just trying to light you up with bogus abuse reports

  • 1 decade ago

    Yahoo Answers is relatively new and sometimes is goes all goofy on us.

  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    it was probably just some immature person or something, people can report you for no reason apparently, i would suggest just reposting the question

  • they are mad!

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