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Vick, Mcnair, Hasselbeck, or Roethlisberger...??

Who starts the championship game and why?

Also, Minnesota or Denver.... Who get's the start at D?

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    Mcnair, he is playing the best right now, out of all those quarterbacks!

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    You just asked that, Denver at home vs SF for the D all the way

    For QB, go with Vick, he's usually good for a ground score or at least some good rushing yardage. McNair is coming off an injury, Hasselbeck is likely to get benched in the second half if not pregame, Roethlisberger has been inconsistent.

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    Neither of those quarterbacks start the NFC or AFC championship game. Vick's nor roethisberger teams won't even make the playoffs. Hasselbeck's team backed into the playoff and they are a sure loser in the first round.

    Don't understand the second question. If I had to pick a "D" it would be from the Chicago Bears.

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    Give the start to Big Ben, that game should be a shoot out....Vick is dicey against the fired up Eagles looking to soar into the playoffs, I am looking for Baltimore to run, run, and run and Hasselbeck is stinkin the joint out right and really has nothing to play for and may sit his rooty-poh-candy *** anyhow...Denver is the pick for D...Minny cannot stop the pass!

    Good luck

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