This girl Really likes me?

Its been since Christmas we started dating. I met her whole family, None of her other B/F's ever met her whole family, let alone just her Parents. Shes been with me everynight since till 3am. I've heard from her friends how much she likes me, and that shes never felt this way about a guy before, "Kaity told me that" the girl Im dating... She just got me 2 new hats from A&E. Just because she thought I needed a new hat, which I did. She made me a CD. She really likes me I guess. But when I call her its like 2 out of 20 times for her to answer me. Shes always got her phone, so why don't she answer? I leave voicemail, and texts. No reply to the texts, and it takes about 2 hours for her to return my call. It drives me crazy!!! She dosen't call me at work, not even to see how things are going. Today I waited till 3:45 to call her, and it still took 2 hours to get back to me, and we only talked for 29secs. Sex is great, We're going to the Dells this weekend. Its all good, but why no call?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I know this sounds ironic but the less you call her, the more she'll call you and want to talk to you. Girls like a challenge and you're making it too obvious too soon, and thats no fun. Im not saying dont call her but trying calling her once a day max.

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