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Christians- Do you think Jesus will return in this life time. or do we wait until we have carked it to go home

Do you believe this is the generation for it, or do we die and go home in spirit, and wait a bit longer for our new bodies. Every generation has thought they will be the last one, but I would like to think we are, as us christians will not have to taste death. Even is we cark it before, good because we get to finally go home. Also christians do you feel like you want to die and go home or stay in this boring, dull, sinfull world? Because it is getting a lot worse. expecially with the bug drought in Australia where the water dams are less than 40% full. Water restrictions are going in place in a couple of days. It probally will not be long before the level is less than 30% full. This world is going from bad to worse, and I have my bags packed anytime to go home, sooner the better for me, how about you?

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    I hope Jesus can find a job and support himself while he tries to save the world and not be crushed by all the mean people here.



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    This is the generation that will see The Lord's return, God said he will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all them round about. Jerusalem is God's time pieace, Israel is God's time pieace. And when we see Israel fight a war very soon, then Israel will get ALL their land back & build their temple where the dome of the rock is at. When this happens, Those arabs & palestians, will have been scatter far from Israel, Because Israel's border goes to the river Egypt, To River Euphrates, Down to dedan & inludes all of Jordon, Syria, Lebonon. Some of Iraq & Saudia Araibia, Then you know God will have the Bride ready. But between now & then, yes some Christians will die, but also the Dead in Christ shall rise first & we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together to meet the Lord. And we will be taken to heaven to the marriage supper while 2 Prophets in Israel will be prophecying, & then the great tribulation goes on & we shall return to rule & reign with Christ for 1000 yrs on this earth & then after the 1000 yrs, we go over into the eterenal age, world without end.

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    I think it is in our lifetime providing you aren't 90 at the moment. Some requirements could not possibly have been met even 30 years ago. The mark of the beast is a personal identification system requiring a database that can cope with over 6 billion records - that was technically impossible a few years back but now we can do it and record each movement of those tracked id's as well. A one world government is a biggie requirement too but that's not as far off as people think either. The main thing is to be ready because I could be wrong and it could be tomorrow.

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    I took a quick review of your prior Q's and they seem to be harping on Christians...banging on Atheists and the like.

    No Jesus is not coming in my life time...why, how would I even know. Sorry...everyone, Christians included will taste death unless the rapture up on your scripture. Unless you can site when it says Christians will not taste you mean that the millions of Christians that have died in the last 2000 years didn't taste death? Proof?

    As for the water problems in Australia...that is difficult.But let's not forget the constant famine in Africa. As for having your bags packed....have heard the term.."you can't take it with you?". Unless you mean your spiritual baggage...but then again doesn't baggage connoted something that you drag along that hinders you?

    To answer your Q...I would be happy to return to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ before I punch the enter key...what do you think the odds are?

    Here goes..........

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    the global is a most suitable position if you're in an untouched area of it. i love to bypass fishing with my spouse and merely drop a line contained in the water and sit. i do not extremely care if I seize something maximum days. it truly is a exhilaration merely to sit obtainable contained in the desert and watch the water bypass by and pay interest to the birds and breeze. obtainable, you may merely about listen God whisper to you. yet, then, i ought to finally %. issues up and go back to my position of abode/city/pastime and all the different issues which have made the global a lot less fairly. it truly is this human imprint on the global that makes human beings lengthy for Christ's go back. inspite of the indisputable fact that, I nevertheless take care of that they don't comprehend what they're inquiring for. The activities foremost as a lot because the go back of Christ are something i might want to quite experience out contained in the grave. search for suggestion from with Revelations to ascertain what I recommend.

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    yes leanne, the final days are now with us. You have a few scant weeks to hasten the end by sinning carnally with me. This is ordained. Send me a message and we can get together and carnally sin - may as well - what else is there do do until the fina,k days. WNo matter what we do, we're going to heaven anyway, right?

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    Jesus returns every 2155 years. He returned in 255bc - that is when his symbol changed from ther ram/lamb to the fish. So in 1900 he came again and now we are in Aquarius - the water sign. Before the Ram/Lamb he was a Bull. It is all astrological.

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    You should know it says no one will know when he will return, he will come like a thief in the night. Why would you excite such a prediction from you "brothers and sisters"(used loosly).

    Christians have a job to do here on earth, what the hell kind of defeatist philosophy are you living by?

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    You may cakk it at any moment, as may any of us. However, I believe that Jesus return will be very soon. There are few, if any, bible prophicies which must be fulfilled before Jesus comes again.

    I have been taught all my life that it could be at any moment. It is more true now than it was 50 years ago.

    Plan your life as if you will die of old age but be prepared for Him to return at any minute.

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    I believe that it's looking more and more like we'll see the rapture in this generation. I know I'm ready to go. Compared to Heaven this world has nothing.

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