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Why are some animals spotty and others stripy and others just plain?

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    Thats how they evolved.

    Some did this to avoid predators,while others did this so that they can hunt more easily.

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    Camouflage patterns evolve in particular environments. Some markings will work better than others, depending on the surrounding foliage and other background. Those who CAN be easily seen don't live to pass on their genes for the "wrong" spots or stripes. That's how natural selection works.

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    good question. Animals are "stripey" to be camoflaged, either as a predator or prey. Did you know that the reason zebras have black and white stripes is that lions only see in black and white, so running through the grass land, black and white stripped zebras would be very hard for the lion to track.

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    To show the diffrent personality's of the animal.

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    It has to do with their camouflage needs.

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