At what age did Jeremiah recieve his call to be a prophet?

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    King Josiah in year 659, was age 8, in his 13th year [ of 31 years as king ], is at 646 before Christ, Jeremiah was there, he had 18 years and next two kings totaled 22 years, he had to be 22 at least as even age 25 was considered a youth in the bible.

    Jeremiah born 668? less a guess of age 22 at 646 before Christ is a prophet, next 40 years to 606 before Christ, end of king Zedekiah, Promised Land is desolate and he was even after this as he went down into Egypt. Jer.51:31; He knows that king Jehoiachin is at 580 before Christ. This would have Jeremiah at age 88.

    Source(s): Bible.
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    Jeremiah 1:4-5...from the womb.

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    Storm chaser got it .Notice Paul uses that expression in Galatians.

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    i know it was ayoung age, as it is with most prophets, i don't think the bible actually says an age

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    whoa Stormchaser, I am impressed! Great answer.

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