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14 weeks 5 days I had ultrasound they say girl.. Could it be too early??

Hi, this is my second pregnancy I didnt get to find out my daughter was a girl till 19 weeks. I had a 3D ultrasound done 2 days ago, and the lady used the 2d to look at its sex parts and said it was a girl.. And that she was pretty sure it was a girl. She pointed out the parts even though it was really hard to tell being that 2D makes baby small looking compaired to 3D. And it looked like two lines insted of 3 like what my daughter said. The ultrasound tech said there was no pee wee or anything hanging from baby when they got a shot of it sitting on a table like shot.. (thats how they like to find out sex) She wouldnt let me get a glimps on it at 3D of its parts.. BUt I think its a boy still its just that motherly feeling. I knew my daughter was a girl before I got a U/s..


I didnt get it at my doctors office. I payed 100$ to get it done in at a place in KS.. Thats where Im from.. So the lady only looked at its sex parts in 2D.. And you can barly even see anything on 2D down there.. The babys just to small in 2D. & she wouldnt even let me see its parts in 3D!! ??? that questions me well im due for ultrasound jan 22!.. wish me luck on boy!!

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    I always wonder when they say "it's a girl" because these little pee-wees can hide. I would definitely keep an open mind about the sex. You are still a little early in the pregnancy I would think. Actually, it is an ongoing argument with the ultra-sound techs. on whether or not to say.........even when it is obvious what they are looking at for fear of being sued. (I have never heard of anyone suing over that) not to say it hasn't happened.

    One thing you can be sure of is that you will receive a beautiful baby.

    Good Luck to you and the baby!!!

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    good luck mom

    my girlfirend keep trying for a girl and has 5 boys and finally one girl. The ultrasound was misleading on two of the boys, yet it was before the days of 3D imagines. [way cool!]

    Ironically she was an oops.... she was prego just 6 weeks after having number 5 and didn't think it could happen so fast.

    Six kids. Dad has a great job and she has huge fulltime job with that many kids.

    Many well wishes for your whole family too.

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    I found out my 3 childrens sexes with 2 d at 12 weeks and they were all right. Go with the flow, they are not allowed to state the sex unless they are fairly certain, otherwise they just say they can not tell you at this time. And boys are very obvious even early on due to their larger bits!!! It most probably is the girl they told you.

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    If you were having a 3D U/s, then why did your Dr. do it in 2D?? I always thought 16 wks is when they prefer to do them, but hey in this day and age it wouldn't surprise me if they did them at 8 weeks!

    Anyways, it sounds like you really want this one to be a boy(don't blame you). I would have another one done in another 3-4 weeks when the baby is bigger. I'll keep you in my prayers and congratulations!

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    I hope you are not from India, as it is illegal to undergo / conduct foetal sex determination tests of any kind.

    As far as the theory... Yes you can know the sex of your baby as early as you have indicated.

    It just needs a good Ultra-sonologist to give the correct reading.

    As far as your motherly feeling, go right ahead but remember whatever the baby's sex is, IT STILL ISYOUR BABY

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    I think your right it is really early... I would hold off on buying anything Pink. Wait till the next US just to see if he has dropped yet. Im surorised the tech even said anything so early... hmmm?

    And my DD has 3 lines too!

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    well if its a boy dont tell him that when hes older ;)

    and it sure could be, ultrasound has been around since the 80's and weve never perfected it

    it shouldnt really matter should it now?

    anyway if the doc says its a girl i say theres a 90% chance its a girl

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    that is difficult to be sure of..whether its too early or not..even late ultrasounds can be inaccurate when it comes to that....ive known quite a few people who were told they were having one sex, and surprise!!! after labor, it was the opposite sex. id say if she didnt see any male genitalia there is a good chance she is right and that its a girl, but you never know..

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    They say its a lot easier to tell if its a girl and very hard to mix that up. so i guess you just go by what they say untless it comes out different. The best of luck when you do! happy new year.

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    the newborn would not have differentiated genitalia in the previous 18 wks. have exciting guessing yet you will not comprehend till next week. basically remember ob sonos are never a hundred% precise. basically amnio or cvs are a hundred%

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