Why not condamn other leaders for killing of Kurds?

I do not know if it is me or if you can call it justice, but what about countries like Turkey. They keep killing kurds and no one even care about them? That is good, US got ride of Saddam Hussein but what about Turkey? Every time I leave such a message here, I will always get a bunch of threatening message from some turkish crazy men in my e-mai. Do not they call their country and themselves free minded super modernized people? If you are then , start acting like one for god sake and stop harassing people for telling the truth!

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    Shut up really! How can you compare Saddam Hussein and Turkey? And how can you claim that Turks are killing Kurds! Go and keep eating your hamburgers and drinking your beer, that's the best thing you can do to the world because maybe then you'll just be destroyed by your own stupidity.

    I can go on and on telling how ignorant you are, but it's just not going to be enough. But really, just shut up, and noone will harrass you if you don't go and spread shi* about them.

    And one more thing, Turkey is not a modernized country if you call the US a modernized one (which in my standards isn't). I guess you Americans now feel guilty of (hopefully, but I doubt) sweeping Indians off the map, that all you want to do is bringing justice and democracy to the world. However, the best thing you can do to the world is educating yourselves.

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    I agree. The world is full of this sort of thing. Unfortunately we are not God. One slime ball at a time please... We need to be glad we live in the free world. I suppose when one of them rises to power we will have to step up again and put them down. I would like to thank the people that stood with us on this. Australia and England especially. These are our true friends!

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    so many ragheads, so little time

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