Publish articles free on sites with a lot of traffic or publish them for money in small local newspapers?

Which one is better? I want to have something to show my writing skills, which one would be more appreciated?

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    Editors and publishers don't really care about what you've produced for 'free.' If you get published, for payment, in a small newspaper that will not impress an editor as much as if you get paid to write an article for National Geographic - and so forth. Take it from there... (And the best of luck to you!)

    Source(s): 40-year professional writer and 12-years as lead editor for an international magazine.
  • kitt
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    4 years ago

    Making web pages for the 1st time immediately may well be complicated. i could advise studying HTML (which does not extremely must be learnt. utilising a "What you spot Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) utility kit such as front website show will do it inquisitive approximately you. in case you're smart, you would be waiting to %. it up extremely difficulty-free and what you do not comprehend you may seek the internet for). the different difficulty you basically would desire to comprehend is CSS. lower back, this may well be a trouble-free layout-language that can assist you create a expert looking website. For help in this, google "CSS tutorials" or something like that into google, there are various components. Flash is a lot too more suitable for a beginner without historic past in programming, so i could recommend you to bypass away off of that for now. it is not probably a information superhighway-website modifying utility, inspite of the shown fact that sites may well be made totally of Flash. oftentimes, Flash is integrated into web pages - oftentimes for moving photos and issues.*a million learn CSS and you'd be nicely on your way. From there, studying JavaScript is the subsequent step and then in line with risk Flash. sturdy luck!

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    Publish your articles on the sites with a lot of traffic. It will help you to get a broder may also get the feedback immediately.Then you can grow more. All the best and

    Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New year.

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    Frankly, a mix of both would be good for your portfolio - shows that you can perform in a variety of media.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    do both.

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