Temporary License Plates?

Can police run them?


In Ohio?

and please specify whether you're talking about Dealer issued temp plates, or DMV issued temp plates??????

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    In the states I have worked in, YES, the police can run/track/trace them. Dealer Temporary tags are traced back to the dealer, and the dealer has records of who they issued the Temp to. Agency tags also can be traced since the state will have records on who they issued the temp to. If you are out of state, the police can contact the issuing state and trace them.

    Source(s): Worked for a DMV and various dealerships. Have done Motor Vehicle work for NJ NY Pa Mo Tx Ks Co Fl Ca
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    Source(s): Vehicle History Search Database - http://vehiclehistory.siopu.com/?UqEI
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    Yes, of course. That's why they issue them. The temporary license plate ("paper plates" in most states), list the title, which is processed into the central computer of your Department of Motor Vehicles or similar agencies. They are usually good until you receive the metal plates, or proper registration document in the mail if it is a used car. But you better believe they can run the "plate" to determine if it is stolen or if it is switched to another vehicle.

    Source(s): This answer is for the state of California.
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    Of course. In most cases they are the 30 day plates that will lead them back to the dealer or car lot that sold the car, but then with the VIN the seller can tell them who the buyer is. So it takes a bit longer, but the answer is yes.

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