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I'm going sledding, how do i do my hair?

im going sledding this up comming weekend,but i have no idea how to do my hair. Its a little below my shoulders,and the front and under layers are wavy/curly(loose curls), but the rest is straight...its kind of thin it gets frizzy when its moist out i usualy straignen it,but i dont think it will hold. Also my make up dosent stick when its wet and cold out is there anything i can do for that? what about clothes? what do i wear?


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    I am laughing so freaking hard right now. This is what you do, YOU STOP BEING SO DAMN VAIN! You're going sledding nobody is expecting you to look perfect, and if they are then their retarded.

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    I went sledding two weeks ago. And frankly, no one there had perfect hair or anything like that. For clothing, wear waterproof pants (very important!) and a waterproof jacket (also important!).

    Besides that, you should wear waterproof gloves. normal sneakers will do, but be sure to wear thick socks. I wore fairly thick ones and despite that, my feet were frozen numb towards the end.

    For your hair, it really doesn't matter! You can do them in pigtails like the person above suggested, or you can just let it hang loose and stick a beanie over your head. It gives a cool effect.

    Don't bother with make-up. It'll just smudge.

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    Wear your hair in pigtails, and wear pants that are waterproof, if you don't you'll be cold and wet the first time you fall off. Wear a hat, mitts, heavy socks, and winter boots. Make sure to bring plenty of chapstick to stop your lips from getting all chapped. Have Fun!!

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    put your hair in a ponytail and have fun and don't worry so much about you hair when doing an outdoor activity.

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