Should homosexual people have equal rights as heterosexuals?

well they pay tax liek all of us, they help im the improvement of man kind, with out them thousands of kids will be parent less (one parent better than none). even with all their contributation to mankind why are they not allowed the same basic human rights as the rest?

before we used to say blacks cant vote because god made whites in charge,

they aid woman cant vote because god made the male in change

why are we using the same excuse... this isnt a matter of right or wrong this is a matter of having rights equal to everyone else "we the people of the United.... " what happened to that?


yes they have more rights than ever (although not true), it still isent enough

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    Of course they should. What other people do is their business. If they choose to have sex differently than me, I cant do anything about that because it ISN'T interfering with anyone else's rights. Alot of people want to push religion into politics, especially this area. But they seem to forget that this is AMERICA, and other peoples beliefs may differ from theirs. So we should not force Christianity, or any other religion on others just because "God" says it's wrong.

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    They already have equal rights and are not denied anyliberties enjoyed by anyone else. What they are in essence asking is that everyone conform their views of decency to match the homosexual view. What needs to be heard is that homosexuals have more rights now than at any point in history.

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    confident. Evolving standards of morality are changing the way human beings and different international places become attentive to homosexuals. The shape grants "existence, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." to classify homosexuality as a disease in accordance with irrational worry or for the government to disclaim equivalent freedom to its electorate is incompatible with the spirit of our shape. there's no longer something approximately homosexuality that makes those electorate much less in a position in an any component to their existence, from domicile possession to the skill to hold sustained relationships. I do see the issue of discrimination as being reminiscent of that of African human beings in the early twentieth century and miscegenation (racial purity) regulations in many of the states at that factor.

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    yes, EVERYONE should have the same rights regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or ability. No one has the right to dictate to another sane adult how he/she should live his/her life. It's that simple

    All men/women are theoretically created equally and deserve equal rights, it's time for the USA to catch up. Happy New Year.

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    They should have equal rights. We, as a country, had better wake up to what's happening or one group at a time will be singled out and denied rights.

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    Of course. That would be like denying rights to someone who has red hair or is missing a limb

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    yes, because i always believe on equality of everybody before the eyes of the law regardless of one's sexual preferences...

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    Yes of course they should.

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    Simply put: YES.

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