What is the best way to study?

im very lazy.

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    I just graduated from nursing school, and I studied by typing all of my notes. I would work for 50 minutes out of the hour, break for 10 minutes, and then go back for 50 more. Typing them goes faster than writing them out (for me at least), and then I had all my notes in one place. If I had references in my notes to pages and charts, I made copies of the pertinent information, and then attached them in the right places in my notes, so I didn't have to carry my book everywhere - I could just take my notes. I also studied just about everywhere - I took my notes to the bathroom with me, standing in line at the grocery store, sitting at stoplights, during commercials in TV shows, while at the movies before the show started. You'd be amazed how much you can learn in just a few minutes multiple times a day.

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    Since u know u r very lazy, u should first try to get rid of that laziness. It will certainly create hurdles in ur way of success. Basically, it is a mental problem and if u are strong-willed, u can overcome easily. Don't try to postpone any work.

    Also see whether it is really laziness or your lack of interest in the study. (For most of us, study is never very interesting, particularly an exam-oriented syllabus-restricted study. )

    There is really no short-cut way to study. The only way to be sound in a subject is to work hard.

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    The best way for me to study was to rewrite all my notes, but if you are lazy that might not be best way... Ask a friend to ask you questions about the subject

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    I buy lot's of index cards and carry them around everywhere.

    At the end of the chapter, always do the self-test and any opportunity that you may have to study with someone else always increases your chances at getting a better grade. When you teach someone, you are also reinforcing the learning process.

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  • glurpy
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    1 decade ago

    The best way to study is to change your attitude to one of actually wanting to know the information. Then you figure out what works best for you.

    Check out Tony Buzan's mind mapping, he even has a book out for students or kids, and Adam Robinson's "What Smart Students Know".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i had ur same problem......u can open the book try to read the contents understand it keep reading for 45 minutes then take a break for 5 minutes and so on..

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    I try to understand it 1st.. understanding leads the way to doing questions. next memorise. and try to sricbble the things u remembered

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