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I can't sleep at night HELP PLEASE?

I had an accident at work and I can't sleep at night or I can't sleep my 8 hours like I used to I fell and hit my head I was diagnosed with head concusion any ideas I can only sleep like for 3 hours and weak up again plese help

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    This is very common after an injury. It's normal for your sleep to be messed up from the pain or stress. The only thing you can do is go see your doctor and get a prescription for a good sleep medication. Over the counter sleep aids don't work, nor do the natural remedies. Otherwise you just have to accept that your sleep is off and take a lot of naps. You should not be working. Are you on disability? Worker's Comp? Let them know that you are not able to work yet and if you don't have the disability in progress, start it now. For instance, if the accident was not work related but the injury is so serious you cannot work, you can get state disability money until you are able to return to work. Look into this. And make sure you get lot's of rest!

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    I agree you need to see a doctor on this one. You might consider whether you are sleeping too much in the daytime and/or whether you are taking some kind of medication that is keeping you awake. Some painkillers, for example, can cause you to have sleep disturbances. Either way, talk to the doctor. A concussion is not someting to play around with.

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    I think you need to see a doc...but if you are looking for home remedy, try taking honey in HOT milk before sleeping. Milk is a natural inducer of sleep.

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    I can't say more than visiting a Dr.

    You said "hit my head"

    He may request "MRI" for better diagnosis.

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    Try "Melatonin" at any organic store and if that does not work see a doctor. DO NOT TAKE TYLENOL PM TO SLEEP!

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    or try forcing yourself to read a really boring maybe stuff on you college reading list..or some engineering journal...i used to hate those back in my school days

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