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Can anybody tell me what major store sells condoms to minors?

I am 16 years old and I am hoping to start a SAFE sexual relationship with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, in Illinois, I guess I am legally not allowed to purchase condoms. I was hoping if anybody could give ideas from personal experiences as to where I can buy them being a minor.

I am fearful of trying without knowing because I don't want the embarrassment of being carded and turned down, or worse consequences if an ultra-conservative store wants to report me.

As much as I appreciate any help, I have already ruled out: websites because I have no credit card, Planned Parenthood because I have no car, and free samples from condom makers because I have no time or privacy (I have tried before).

If you know anything, please help me out. Citgo, Walmart, Dominicks, etc?

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    Pls be careful til you get the condoms. I conceived more than once with my husband "pulling out". I think at Wal-Mart, here in AZ, you can put them in your cart and "pick" a cashier. Is it the law that you have to be 18 to have sex now? Abstinence til marriage is best but not always realistic. I think most drug and grocery stores have them unlocked... It's been a while since we've needed them. You're being so mature and responsible!You both should be proud of yourselves! Seems like you know what the consequences are if you're not. Could you talk to your parents? Could your girlfriend ask her parents? Or an older sibling? Good luck and hang in there. One way or another, it will all work out.

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    I was unaware that there was an age limit and that any store would sell them to you. Try calling the local health department. In most states the health department gives them away for free. No questions asked.

    Go to the pharmacy, grab the biggest box they have and put it up on the counter. Say nothing. If Asked for ID tell them you do not have one and ask if there is some sort of age requirement. I remember the first time I bought some at age 16. I was nervous and scared to death. It was no big deal. the person at the register never even blinked. Pick a pharmacy that is small and few other customers present.

    EDIT: just did a little research and found no evidence of an age limit in Illinois.

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    Just ask an adult (18 year old) friend, or stranger, to buy you the condoms. I can't believe you have to be 18! Planned Parenthood will give them to you without asking questions, but they'll try to get you to read some educational material which is highly recommended.

    Have you tried to buy them? I doubt that anyone will ask you how old you are; just buy them from the pharmacy at Safeway or whatever grocery store has a pharmacy. If anyone does ask you how old you are, just look them in the eye and tell them that you are 18 and mean it. If they ask for ID, tell them you walked to the store and didn't bring your wallet.

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    First of all, I sudjest you dont have sex yet since you are a minor and it should be special and emotional wait till you find the person you truly love but if you must you can obtain condoms from most health clinics for free but yes you can buy them at the stores. You are a customer they cant judge you.

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    There should be some vending machines in mens and ladies gas station bathrooms. The cost I think now is .75 cents. What about at your school? Does it have a program for teenagers? DO NOT DO THE PULL OUT METHOD!!!!!!! IT DOESN"T WORK!!!!!!! My daughter just had a baby because she and her boyfriend were told it worked. I wish she had been honest with me, like you should be with your parents. I would have gotten her the pill and him some condoms. I do not condone teenage sex but kids will try it. Be as safe as possible!

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    Unfortunately, it is illegal in almost every state, if not every state to sell ANY borth control to mnors withou parental permissin. Your best bet is to find someone who is 18 and have them get them for you. Or have someone that does have the time go to planned parenthood and get them. OR you could just forget the whole safe sex thing, go for it as nature intended and point out that any consequence is the result of a lack of access to the necessary itesm ofr safe sex because of your age. It has worked for people I knew before....

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    I cannot believe that your state, or any state for that matter is so backward that you can't buy condoms is absolutely insane. Anyhow, I would also suggest that someone else buy them for you. Don't use the "pull-out" method like some other poster suggested. Unless of course you want to be some baby daddy. I commend you for trying to plan ahead and be responsible.

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    Well I have never had that problem, because their is no age limit here. Um maybe I would have to say your best bet would be a little mom and pop conveinant store. If not have you considered talking to your parents? Or can she talk to hers?

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    check into planned parenthood. I believe they give them away for free to anyone. Or hang outside a gay bar and ask a twink to pick a few up for you. I think they give them away as well.

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    well no one will say anything ... just get them along with few groceries ... and act normal ... anywhere ... plus its not that illegal too ... no one will even ask ... or still better ask any guy .. i mean someone over 18 outside the store to buy it for you ...

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