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Did you know that the U.S.supplyed Saddam with the gas he used to kill over 180,000 Kurdish civilians???

That is the truth.....You just never heard it until now....Tom Science 4

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    OK, so what's the point?

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    Study your history pal. The truth is Communist Russia would have taken over the region being aligned with Iran. We helped Saddam and he let it go to his head... Never bite the hand that feeds you...

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    Yeah, it's pretty comman knowlege. We supported Saddam quite heavily, particulary during their war with Iran. And Donald Rumsfeld went over there (before his tenure as Defense Sec.) to assure Saddam that Iraq and the U.S. were indeed friends and that we would continue to provide him with "materials" support.

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    We chose Iraq's side against Iran in the Iraq-Iran war. We supplied weapons in retaliation for the hostage crises, where radicals in Iran held American hostages for 444 days. You act as though this has not been known by the majority of people.

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    It's interesting how establishing alliances with tyrannical regimes keeps biting us in the ***!!!

    We did the same thing in Afghanistan with the Taliban when they were fighting against the Russians.

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    It was the US who put him in power in first place and they supported him...Saddam was good as long as he served US interests...When he stopped doing this he was killed...

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    Who didn't already know that? It is commin knowledge in the circles I travel in.

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    Did you know that it was the American Elite that promoted Hitler to do what he did? It was psychiatry and the elite, what is the difference?

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    Yes. That's not news.

    We also placed him into power.

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    This is not impossible to believe to you folks here on Y Answers.

    But listening that our Government had something to do with the 911 attacks MAKES YOU GET ALL DEFENSIVE.... AND START CRYING CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND SUCH.



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