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Giants Fans! Prospective Rotation?

Here is our rotation according to

1. Barry Zito

2. Matt Morris

3. Matt Cain

4. Noah Lowry

5. Brad Hennessey

6. Jonathan Sanchez

Is this right or should their be some changes?

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    There wil be several changes..

    1- I doubt the Giants carry 6 pitchers on their roster. Felipe Alou likes to carry a fairly heavy bullpen as he went with 5-6 most if not all of last year.

    2- Matt Cain is your number 2, he outpitched Morris particularly down the stretch and really matured as a pitcher, it will be interesting to see how he develops in his second year.

    3- I don't know if the Giants haven't soured on Hennessey and I think Sanchez is a bit too raw. They may look to sign a stopgap or just hold a competition in Spring Training between some of the better prospects that the Giants have. Lincecum might get a look, as might Sanchez, but I somehow see the Giants signing a stopgap.


    2- Cain--R

    3- Lowry --L

    4- Morris-- R

    5- Open Competition.

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    I think it should go like this

    1. Zito

    2. Lowry

    3. Hennessey

    4. Cain

    5. Morris

    6. Sanchez

    Woo-Hoo Go Giants!!!!!!!! Its our time to shine this year we're coming for you dodgers better watch your back!

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    Morris was ALOT better in STL. He sucks now. Zito is good, the rest are no names. Giants will be lucky to finish 3rd in NL West.

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    They'll have 5 starters, Hennessey or Sanchez will go to the pen!!!

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