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what works the best to prevent itchy red bumps from shaving bikini area?

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    Goldlust you should try this.

    Here's a couple tips; before shaving wipe the area with hydrogen peroxide (it's a cheap antiseptic available at pharmacies and most grocery stores, it comes in a brown bottle) Next apply some moisturizing shaving cream. then shave in the direction that the hair grows. Now, rinse off the cream and apply another coat of hydrogen peroxide. You should be bump free!

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  • Dont shave, try waxing instead. Most waxing kits come with a lotion designed to prevent bumps and blotches, keep the skin soft & moisturized, as well as helping prevent the sting you may sometimes get from waxing. I like Sally Hansen products, easy to find on the store shelf and not expensive.

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  • It helps to use shaving cream, aloe vera jell or non alcohol based moisturizing lotion on the area before you shave.

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    Alcohol-Just like what men use (aftershave) after they shave.

    The alcohol kills the bacteria which causes the skin to raise and to be aggravated.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dont shave

    i dont think it is preventable. try another method of hair removal.

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