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a little help with a ?? about my girlfriend?

b4 we were perfect no fighting , seen eachother everyday and u know all that..

my question is is it normal for both of us to bicker at little things and want space for us both so we dont get sick of eachother and those kinda things..we have been together for a little over a year??

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    Don't even think about stupid games, please.

    U are so lucky !!

    Just enjoy !!!!!!!!..

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    OK, here we go. I would like to bestow upon you the knowledge of a sage ( PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ).It will never be the big things that will defeat most relationships. It will be the little things that will tear you apart. A good thing to save it from doing so, is to talk about them as they arise or become a nuisance. BRING ING THEM TO THE FOREFRONT in any form is good. You see the big things that will come up from time to time & will ,right there be settled on the spot as they must be dealt with. THE LITTLE THINGS ARE TRUE KILLERS because, they pick at you over and over , and pile up on top of each other until one becomes the one that breaks the camels back. Fighting about them resolves them through debate or argument. If you never resolved them you wouldn't bicker and they would pile up and break your back ( RELATIONSHIP). Sort out the little things, be happy, Do not scream and holler when you do it and you wont be arguing. Calmly and logically take care of them because IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL TO BICKER ABOUT THEW SMALL THINGS !!!

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