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how much is a average pda price?

I'm looking foward to buy a good pda or smartphone.Can you tell me the average price?

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    That depends whar carrier you have cause i founf that T-Mobile has the cheapest and them its Cingular, Verison, Sprint, and I dont think Criket has any butt they can range between $200-$500 dollars and some you can get for really cheap if you like start a new plan with any carriers. and if you want a PDA is really cool too they can range from $99 and $600 dollar for the really good ones. i Perfer HP Pavilions Or Sony are good brands. Or Palm thats a awsome brand of PDA's i just bough one its the Tungsten E2 Handheld Organizer with Bluetooth ($200) great price, its very useful and since it has bluetooth you can send lots of thing between phones and computers. Thats all i can tell you good luck shopping! :)

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Design: Candy bar Carrier: AT&T OS Supported: Symbian Battery Life Average (hh:mm): 9:43

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    depends on the type

    average price for O2 is about USD 400-500

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    the average price of PDA is RMB:5000 in China.but I don't konw it in may be more cheaper in US.

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