i've jus had my liposuction on my inner & outer thighs 2 days ago. Now i discovered bleeding at my vagina.

I thought it was my period. But its not due yet. I just had it on the 10th. could it be internal bleeding?

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    Why are you on Yahoo answers for this?!

    Ask your doctor!

    If you can afford liposuction surgery, you can afford a potentially lifesaving trip for a quick followup.

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    Sometimes the stress of having a medical procedure can bring on a period early. Also, there is a lot of bruising from the liposuction so it could be that. Best to call the doctor on this one. That's what you paid them for so don't worry about bothering them. My plastic surgeon is very willing to answer questions and give help because she knows her business is based on referrals from happy patients.

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    1 decade ago

    Is the blood actually coming from your vagina, or just close to it. It might be from the cannula incision at the inner thighs if it was near to the groin. If not, you should contact your doctor. HTH.

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    4 years ago

    it particularly is in all risk an ingrown hair or a hair follicle that has been clogged through lifeless dermis cells. Exfoliation would desire to help. If no longer see a checklist. If it does replace into crimson, contaminated or painful then do see a checklist.

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    Get off the computer and go to the Emergency Room.

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