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i have a question abt my obesity i have tried alot to reduce my weight but it didn't work?

i m very beutiful gud looking but bcoz of my over weight i don't look nice pls suggest me wht i do to reduce my weight,pls help me out

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    you need to seek help from somewhere other than yahoo answers thats for sure. see a doctor. many people here will knock you into the dirt. you need to go to a dr. to get help noone here can help you and ignore the ******* here.

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    Maybe you should go to your doctor and he could refer you to a dietician who may be able to help. Or even suggest an operation such as stomac stapling to reduce the intake of food. Is it food that is causing you to gain weight or some other medical problem like an overactive thyroid. If it is food then you may get more incentive and support if you joined a slimming group but if its medical then your doctor should be the first port of call.

    Only do something about your weight if YOU are unhappy with it and not because of pressure you are experiencing elsewhere. It has to be for you.

    Good luck!!

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    Weight Watchers may well be a stable initiate. The weekly conferences save you in examine. besides, connect a sparkling gymnasium and procure a private coach. outdoors the gymnasium, carry out a little cycling, curler blading, swimming. you pick 3 to 4 days interior the gymnasium and on non gymnasium days, half-hour of continuous actual pastime. additionally, maximum individuals do no longer understand this yet juice is very a stinker for obese human beings attempting to shed extra pounds. Use Crystal gentle fairly. ultimately, i think of it would helpful so you might work out a Nutritionist (besides as Weight Watchers). it truly is going to truly open your eyes on your eating behavior and how undesirable some meals are. Have scientific themes been ruled out? If no longer, see your scientific expert as wel.

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    you shouldn't do anything like a diet on your own, either its worthless or only hurting you. you should see a dietitian, she/he will give you a menu that will cut back calories, but keep all the stuff you need in you diet. also, you should start doing some exercise, start slow about 1/2 an hour walk 3 times a week and work yourself up. when you feel strong enough join a gym, tennis class, yoga whatever you think you can stick with.

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    Waaaiiiiitttt a minute there, sister...who is telling you that fat isn't beautiful?

    Ahwell...if it's really bothering you, try beginner's Pilates. If that's too strenuous for you, start out with Yoga until you can get your body more limber, THEN do Pilates.

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    Hey I HEAR Ya Girl!!

    I am in the same boat but I do know(I once was a size1) that exercise 3-4 times and week and less calories eaten will work.Best bet some aeorbic activities.Good luck and maby one day I will take my own advice(lol)

  • j b
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    Weight Watchers is great!!! It's losing weight at a safe rate, getting control of yourself and you can eat a variety of foods.

    God Bless!:)

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    Stop trying to do it alone. Get a buddy to help keep you on track one step at a time. This person has to want to see you succeed yet remind you that you must be honest with yourself enough to let your self love see you through. Then and only then will your prayers work to allow you the progress that you are seeking to please yourself with your weight loss. Do you know the secret you hold that has kept the weight on? "You have to believe and actively work at it" because you can make it work for you.

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    hey try quick start programme - its similar to weight watchers - lots of fruit and vegies - but you have to love fruit and vegies - they also have a soup that you can eat any time - different ones - i promise you'll never feel hungry - you can have fish and meat and chicken not every night though - but it does work and it has been put together by a doctor - good luck - dont let anyone tell you your not beautiful - tell them to check a mirror themselves.

    Source(s): In oz its on tv on channel 7 but should be on the web
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    try hot sauce salsa and cajun seasonings

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