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Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, or Other?

How do each of these systems work and which do you choose and why? Please keep it simple.

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    capitalism - is all about trade. its centered on the idea that everyone must trade and gain money to survive. its positive aspects include the fact that trade is open and vibrant. sadly one major disadvantage is that people will be driven into trade for the money they get.

    communism - ideally occurs when everyone is equal. no one is above another being. i mean they all have the same amount of things, etc. no one is higher or stronger or what not. ideally this would be the best sadly though its impossible to attain. you can't keep people to remain as equals all the time. some would always grab the power others would want the money. its impossible to attain. seriously.

    socialism aims to be like communism except in this one there are a few people who are going to lead the people. this is where china is well not really since its slowly opening its doors to open trade making capitalism come in. but i think its still under socialism wherein it tries to put everything in equality except for a few more powerful and richer people. not really a good one.

    i think i'll still go with capitalism. its proven its worth. most countries are better off with free trade.

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    maybe all these words don't mean a thing if we can't just be really depends on the culture...i'm a mix bet capitalism and socialism for the mo till something else comes along like say i opt out become a religious or someting like that

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    Imagine all the people sharing all the world

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    In theory all works find but in practise all sux :D

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