Sadam was carrying Quran at last momemt,did he did all what Quran teach about,kill and kill?

every Muslim dictator justify himself out of Holy Quran.From Adi Amin,to Zia-ul-Haq to Sadam every dictator claimed to be guided by Quran .So.this book really teach killing or it is misuse by bad peoples

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    I believe its misread....just a guess.

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    According to history, there are many occurences where Christians did carry their own Bibles or at least, rosaries when they are about to be persecuted, hung, or even beheaded. Take the catholic Queen Mary of Scotland who was beheaded by the order of the famous Queen Elizabeth I for instance.

    Muslims are not any different as Muslims also believe in repentance and that it is to God Most Merciful Most Forbearing that we're all going to return. So, enough with the bigotry.

    And I wonder why bigoted people keep pointing out verses in the holy Quran about jihad without having proper understanding of the context and the purpose of such verses.



    Jihad With the Qur'an


    Can the Verse 25:52 (do Jihad with Quran)which was revealed in Mecca interpritared to bring about a political revolution/not to obey constitution(obey not the disbelievers)in a country where Muslims are not in power?If this is not the correct interpritation then what is the correct interpritation as the word used is Jihad? Thank you.

    Was Salaam.


    The verse reads:

    "and therefore do not obey Kafireen and strive against them with this (i.e. the Qur'an), a great strive".

    The verses preceding explain that although the truth has been clearly brought forward to people, yet they do not accept it. The verse is addressing the Prophet (pbuh) in his capacity as a Messenger who is sent by God for the manifestation of the truth for the addressees). The verse directs the Prophet (pbuh) to strive with those who have not accepted the truth even after the truth has become manifest to them (Kafireen) and not to obey them. Obedience here means to follow the desires of Kafireen who wanted the Prophet (pbuh) to compromise his divine mission. Striving with the Qur'an (given that the verse is revealed in Mecca) means to attack their poor arguments with the firm arguments of the Qur'an. (This is just before the next phase of the mission of the Prophet, where he leaves Kuffar because of their rejection of truth and then starts fighting with them as manifestation of God's punishment for those who reject a messenger of God).

    As you can see the verse is not even remotely close to the idea of 'bringing political revolution in a country where Muslims are not in power'.

    Abdullah Rahim

    June 23, 2006


    That's one example. So, if you do have conscience and want to really understand what Islam is all about, visit

    The website's name says it all.

    God knows best.

    Peace and Love.

    Source(s): the website's name says it all. + Engrossing documentary about Islamic history, Narrated by Ben Kingsley, Produced and Directed by Robert Gardner. The demonization of Islam by the West has a long history, stretching back to the First Crusade at the end of the 11th century. This documentary redresses the balance by showing the riches of Islamic culture and the vital role played by Islam in preserving and building upon ancient wisdom from East and West at a time when most of Europe was stumbling through the Dark Ages. The three-hour program tells the spectacular story of the great sweep of Islamic power and faith during its first 1,000 years. Historical re-enactments and a remarkable exposition of Islamic art, artifacts and architecture are combined with interviews of scholars from around the world to recount the rise and importance of early Islamic civilization.
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    The Quran doesn't teach people to kill any more than Christianity does. Honestly, learn before you make claims. Just because 9/11 happened doesn't immediately make every Muslim in the world evil. You guys really really need to move on and stop dwelling on the past.

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    Many christian emperors, kings, generals, presidents do the same with the Bible.

    Let's not forget that these books are middle eastern tales and legends. Interesting works of literary fiction. Using them to justify anything is abusing delusional people.

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    Noe dear it teaches are more valuable than these talks

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    I really did not believe he would ever be executed. I still kinda expect him to turn up with elvis someday in vegas.

    Saddam singing Don't be Cruel. I'd pay BIG money to see that.


    ack, 2 thumbs down???? Like you wouldn't want to see Saddam sing in Vegas.

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    sadam carried the book koran which in turn told him to kill

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    he didnt do exactly ,, but he may be believing in god

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