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How do I reformat and wipe one hardrive, without affecting the second?

Hey everyone.

I own a windows computer. Is it possible to wipe and reformat one hardrive, but without doing that to the second one, because you see I have two hardrives and its only one that is infected with loads of crap, the other hardrive, only has like video files that I have made, so nothing from the net on the second.

please help.

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    Well, yes and no. Because the problem is that you're talking about reformatting your boot drive, or Drive C:. This is the drive your OS is on, and reformatting it is generally considered a bad idea. If you're referring to a drive that *isn't* your boot drive, then it's simple. Assuming you're using an IBM-compatible PC with Windows as your OS, then from here, I can help you.

    Go into your Command Prompt, i.e. DOS. You'll either find this in your Start Menu, or you can search for it on your PC. Either way, open it, you'll get a black screen and a blinking cursor.

    So from here, you're going to type

    format [Drive Address, like C:, D:, or E:] *.* FAT32

    That tells the machine to format the drive completely and rewrite it with a FAT32 file structure.

    Have fun with that and if you need help, email me.

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    You can do it easily.

    easy way:

    You should know the drives which are on your hard-disk(eg C: ; D:)

    Then you can right click on your drives which are on your first hard drive From the shortcut menu select Format and then complete the format.DO the same\e for the drives too

    Hard Way:

    When your computer starts keep pushing F8 or whichever key your motherboard requires you to push to select the boot priority

    in that select your CD drive as the first The one to be formatted the second and The one to be preserved the third

    Then restart your computer and insert your XP CD and boot from the CD Then you can find options for which drive to format and which partition to be deleted and so on.

    Hope it helps!

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    It is not very difficult. During installation or a re-installation you are primarily working on the partition on which windows is installed. But if you have doubts, and if you can open the case of your computer, just take the cables off the second hard disk during the period of reinstallation, you can put them back once the installation is over.

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    using winxp:




    This will give you exactly what you need Graphically, not using dos or F8 , easy and straightforward!

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