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what dress size was Betty Page?

What dress size was she?


@ the dude- I dont think "A" is a dress size.

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    I think she was a 15.

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    Betty Page was reported to wear a size 15 or 16, but the IMPORTANT and often MISUNDERSTOOD fact is that there has never been a consistent standard for determining a woman's physical body to a numbering system for dress sizes, especially when comparing dresses from different decades.

    Unlike mens fashions, where the inseam is measured by the length of the inside of a mans leg, the waist by the circumference around his waist, and the jacket size determined by the measurement around his chest, womens sizes have always been assigned arbitrary numbers.

    A common urban legend related to this topic has to do with Marilyn Monroe wearing a size 16 dress. While she did in fact wear a size 16, here are her actual measurments (which are similar to Betty Page's- Betty sharing the same height and weighing at her heaviest 130 lbs):

    Height:5 feet, 5½ inches

    Weight:118-140 pounds

    Bust:35-37 inches

    Waist:22-23 inches

    Hips:35-36 inches

    Bra size:36D

    You can see that at her heaviest, she was 140 lbs. By todays standards, that weight and height combination would be approximately a size 12. At her lightest, she would be in a much smaller dress size.

    The proportions of a modern woman who wears a size 16 are very different than the proportions of a woman from decades past.

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    Bettie Page Measurements

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    what dress size was Betty Page?

    What dress size was she?

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    What, now that shes in her 80s or during her career. If during her career it won't help you, as sizes have changed since them. She was 36-23-36 during her modelling career, and 5ft 5 1/2, that may give you an idea of modern sizing

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