Why are cigarettes that kill millions of people legal and marijuana that kills nobody isn't??

Is it maybe for population control or something?

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    What you have to realise is that firstly most people are ignorant, stupid and easy to control with or without drugs. Look at the idiots posting here they are clearly intelligent fairly well educated people but their ignorance is endemic. They know nothing about drugs and nothing about weed and say ridiculous things like everyone will be walking around like zombies, the nation will fall apart, people will smoke and drive kids will smoke it and their parents won't know.... I mean, please! Is it even worth replying to these spastics?

    So why is it like this? People like to be right and have been brainwashed into believing drugs are evil but are not quite sure why they think this so they think up reasons themselves or just regurgiatate some of the nonsense they've been fed.

    Marijuana is illegal because of the religious nutters in the US deciding drugs are evil. They wanted people to experience the infinite, God, on their terms, through their bible and their church not through drugs (people who have only ever drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes will find it hard to understand this) so they stopped people doing drugs including marijuana by making it illegal.

    Cigarettes and tobacco were too popular and as they don't really do much they did not make them illegal.

    Now, the illegal drug trade is worth so much money it is unlikely they will ever make drugs legal (only an enlightened populace putting pressure on the government could do this and I think you can see from the answers how enlightened people are) because all the people who make and enforce the laws are raking it in.

    For the same reason cigarettes will never be made illegal. Ironic eh?

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    If you look at the history of marijuana, it's quite a fascinating topic. The term is now well known in English largely due to the efforts of American drug prohibitionists during the 1920s and 1930s, which deliberately used a Mexican name for cannabis in order to turn the populace against the idea that it should be legal. It was early twentith century racism that got it outlawed in the first place.

    One of the reasons why it is still outlawed today is the fact that no one can outlaw tobacco. Politicans are getting millions from tobacco lobbyists and thus, won't outlaw it. And they'll lose votes from many a "soccer mom" if they talk about legalising it.

  • Smoking marijuana habitually will cause health problems. All smoke contains carbon monoxide which can lead to emphysema, lung cancer, etc. People driving cars or operating machinery under the influence of marijuana have killed themselves and other innocent people. So, your belief that marijuana kills "nobody" is fallacious.

    As to your question, marijuana is hard to detect when a policeman stops a imparied driver. Unlike alcohol, marijuana can not be detected with a simple breath test. I have no problem with legalizing marijuana, but their has to be controls put into place. A good, reliable method of detecting impaired drivers needs to be obtained most of all. Methods to keep it away from minors need to be in place as well. There are several studies that have concluded that marijuana will cause significant mental problems in underage users later on. Unlike alcohol, marijuana use is not easy to detect by parents of minors who are abusing it.

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    Marijuana will drown a nation, and society, because it releases inhibitions, is thought to destroy brain cells, and most would stop doing anything productive under its influence. Cigarettes on the other hand are statistically linked with blood, cancer and lung problems, BUT they usually increase concentration, relieve stress, and keep the workers working.

    Many think that marijuana increases creativity, but what use is creativity in thought, when it can't be implemented. Cigarettes don't kill; humans kill themselves by smoking them. Suppliers exist only because there is demand.

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    Because marijuana has no taxes thus our goverment makes no profits from it.Say you invest 300 in weed and flip it for 600, not a dime goes to uncle Sam.However if it becomes legal then the issues will be the bunch of "zombie-like" people wondering around the streets asking were can they get it the cheapest.

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    had we never had prohibition, weed would probably be legal. Everyone that has looked into it knows that it is fairly harmless compared to ciggs and alcohol. But if it is made legal and suddenly the country's productivity drops to nothing and Doritos's stock goes to $300 they may try to make it illegal again and then there is the problem. Besides, as someone last night mentioned here, it's more fun to smoke it if it is illegal. So few rights anymore. It's kinda fun to break a law.

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    I don't really care either way, but I believe that it's because the government can't TAX and control it. The key point is, their share of the money. Small scale Pot growers are akin to moonshiners way back when. This was un-taxed alcohol, therefor not allowed. That's why the "Revenuers" we constantly busting their stills.

    Think about it...

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    Because the pharmaceutical companies would lose money. Look how hard they are attacking medical marijuana. They've even paid the FDA off to say it has no medicinal value, contradicting our most valued scientists, and thousands of years of medicinal use. It will be legal though. Vote Steve Kubby for Prez 2008!

    Source(s): www.myspace.com/stevekubby
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    Cigarettes are not illegal in our society today because of money. Not the tobacco companies (Phillip&Morris does not make their mony on tobacco sale anymore). Local government make the money now. That is what all the law siuts where about. The congress had to actually go and change our constitution to achieve those law suits. Millions of dollars went to local governments to help with health care costs related to cigerettes. Y et at least here in Wisconsin the money went for everything else and was never located so it was just for gotten about. We pay like a $1.43 tax here on every pack of cigerettes sold. This amounts to millions of dollars in revinue for this state. Every tax payer in this country owes a moment of graditude to all smokers for flipping the bill in they local communities. As for pot be for real the health risks far out weight the health benifits. It's say that smoking one joint is equal to smoking 20 cigerettes (as far as a thing called carbon dioxcide goes). Plus pot is to easy to use. You can be high in what a minute. Today youth can not even use cell phones responsible. Now you want them to use pot to. Before we legalize pot and band cigerettes. Lets band cellphone use. It out beat alcohol 2 years running for fatal traffic accidents.

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    I think they should outlaw cigarettes myself, and I smoke. I am totally against the legalization of marijuana. I believe once you start down that slope, sooner or later they will want to legalize them all.

    Source(s): The reason there is no medical marijuana, people are smart enough to know the recreational user are using medical marijuana as an excuse to make the drug legal for recreatioal use through the back door, so to speak.
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