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how can i feel content in my own time period ?

i keep thinking life would be better in the future. I suspect there will be less disease, less hardship, and more leisure gained from future inventions. My question is how am i suppose to be content in time period littered with strife ?

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    Make the future better for yourself and others by working on it in the present.You cannot predict the future but you can help create a better one.

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    I think we are living at the pinnacle of society right now. From here, we will begin to experience global warming and all the joy that will bring. We will be out of sea food in less than 50 years unless something is done, and it won't. You best enjoy what you have right now, cuz from here it will start going down hill in a hurry.

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    The reason why man has created bigger & better weapons over the years is cause for each weapon he has created to threaten his fellow man with, someone was able to confront, therefore the threat had to appear more devastating. The point is, confront the present moment and it will no longer be a threat.

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    this Life is just a test,we should tak it as a test i guess if everything in our life would become esier for us we wouldn't be able to enjoy it fully and would have no faith in our Lord/Creator

    face hardships of life ,have faith in God,be content o what little you have, ::smile i hope you are gettig my words,aren't you?

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    take life as it comes, enjoy every day that you have on earth as you never know when it will be your last.

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