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Question for the Dems?

Does it make anybody else angry that people are sticking up for the murderer.. I'm pretty sure somebody will be on Bill O'reilly tomorrow saying something stupid about how Sadaam should not have been put to death. I think he should have gotten what he did three times over and I'm extremely Liberal. Should these extremests just go away??


Jack C- disagree.. The Iraqi people did stand up to him after the first war.. They thought the U.S. would support them and they got slaughtered.. I stand by my claim that he got what he deserved...

Update 2:

pimpslapl...---- Disagree with you too.. Except the last two sentences...

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    But my friend you must realize that once you are dead you are at peace,like a super deep sleep,that you will never wake up from...To me that sounds not so bad compared to a life in a small box,barely living since your living space is now and forever till you die,so small...Like a rat in a cage that can never get out...It would be worse than death...I went to jail over night and into the morning,once in my life and I hope to never go back.It was truly that bad...Tom Science 4

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    Unfortunately, there are much worse leaders in the world, that have committed far more serious crimes.

    Saddam was not a good person, or necessarily a good leader.

    If the Iraqi people had risen against him and led to the same outcome, I would not have a problem with his execution.

    If Saddam had been tried by the International Court and executed, I would have said that justice was served.

    But the US set up the Iraqi Government, and it's judicial system, and picked the persons involved in the trial. The apparent conflict of interests, even without evidence of impropriety, should have required that he not be executed.


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    I'm also a liberal and I don't think he should have been executed the way he was. I definitely don't consider myself an extremist in any direction.

    He has definitely committed atrocities, but it is almost hypocritical to kill him in such an inhumane way. I read he was treated with respect and dignity prior to his hanging and that sounds absurd to me. The man might have been a monster but he is still a human.

    Besides, I think letting him die naturally in a prison would have been more effective in terms of justice and morality. I don't believe in the death penalty so this applies for all who are killed in a government sponsored setting.

    I didn't think Bill O'Reilly would say something like that! I figured he'd be all for a gruesome and cruel execution.

    Also, this might have definitely been influenced by the U.S. and Bush administration but it Bush didn't kill him. He had a "fair" trial and his own country killed him accordingly.

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    I think the people who are screaming about Bush killing Saddam are just as bad as the brainwashed right wing they are always complaining about.

    They cannot accept the fact that something so monumental wasn't somehow influenced by Bush and the fact that it is not some sort of horrible failure only adds salt to the injury.

    I guess that this just goes to show that it doesn't matter which side of the line your on, you go to far and you only blind yourself to reality.

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    O'reily just needs that for his own daily power push. I'm liberal and in the Marine Corps. There's crazy liberal and crazy conservative. As long as you fall in between, you're fine. O'reily is keeping on the brink of crazy conservative, or in otherwords, facist and Saddam-power-wanting like. Watch when he talks to Obama, that's a man who can talk. That's really all it takes to be president, right?

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    I'm not crying for Saddam. but I am anti-death penalty and I'd be a hypocrite to say its wrong except in 'so and sos' case

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    Why do you ask this of Dems? He got what he deserved. Now, having said that, FOX will dig up somebody to stick up for Saddam and put a "Liberal" label on that person. That's just their style.

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    libs have a warped view of reality! they put the innocent unborn to death, and hold vigils and cry for the murderers and mass murderers! just saw his corpse on bbc news, and he's never looked better! God bless America!

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