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Why are liberals upset over the justified execution of a mass murdering dictator?

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    Where did you get this information? Or are you just making stuff up? I'm not liberal by the way, but I don't care for propaganda.

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    I'm about as liberal as you can get, and I'm not upset. I'm upset with the war in the first place and the war crimes that have been committed since, but I'm not upset over the hanging. It'll prevent any terrorist taking action in an attempt to free Hussein, so it's okay with me, even though I am generally anti-captial punishment.

    I'm finding that it's not just liberals who are upset over this. I've seen plenty of people who are the Christian Conservative Bush supporters who believe that it's wrong to kill people (rather leave it to the Big Guy) and believe it is wrong that way.

    Then again, there are plenty of mass murdering dictators around the world now as well as in the past, and quite a few of them have been installed by the American government ...

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    Liberals use this only as political ammunition to advance themselves as human rights crusaders. In actuality, they are just the opposite.

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    I have no trouble with Saddam being executed. I object to his execution being used self-righteously to justify the folly and failure of Bush's crusade in the mideast.

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    Not true.. Not even close.. Don't smear us because of the extremists!! They're just looking for something to go against the reps...

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    Because they're very confused.

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