digital vedio card?

what digital vedio cad should i instal in ma computer to capture best quality and i can edit my vedios.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That depends on which camera you are having. If its Canon , you need to buy a Firewire card (IEEE394) card , which can be either PCI or USB based.

    Firewire is always better to transfer viedios from ur camcorder as there is almost no loss in vedio.

    Most of Sony Handicams come with a USB transfer option ( In that case u dont need any firewire card but can use ur USB port in ur PC) but u will have little loss of viedio quality.

  • 1 decade ago

    For digital video what you need is a Firewire port. These are data transfer cards not video cards so there really is no issue with quality of the video unless data is dropped. This is highly unlikely with Firewire. If you were attempting to use USB, you would expect to loose a lot of data because the transfer speed of USB is too slow to keep up with the camcorder and the PC.

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