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What do you think about french people ?

I' m 22 / F / from Paris.

ps : I'm not touchy or easily offended..


I'm not Parisian, I was born in Bordeaux ^^

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    In general, the U.S. stereotype of the French is that they are stuck-up, rude, and totally convinced of their own superiority above the rest of the human race. But I don't pay much attention to stereotypes.

    I've only known a few people from France:

    The first was my high school language teacher, who taught both the French and Spanish language courses. Her first statement to us was that we shouldn't be wasting our time with Spanish, we should be learning French.

    The second was a male coworker at a previous job, who was nice, but I didn't spend much time around him, so I didn't get to know him well.

    The third is a lady I work with at my current job. She is nice, pretty, and we've had several interesting conversations, and I love to listen to her accent.

    I would have to say that my general impression is that in every society, all over the world, you will find people who are nice, people who are rude, people who are crazy, and in that respect people from France are just like us.

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    The French people I have met have ALL been very touchy and easily offended. I guess they have been strong in their beliefs but it comes across as being close minded. In saying that all the French I have met have been in a kitchen environment so it has been high stress and pressure. I can't wait t go to France and have some of that legendary food. Maybe 2007...Happy New Year.

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    I have been to France many times over the years, Paris as well as the countryside, and I can't remember one single time when someone was unkind to me. On the contrary, most have been wonderful! People have been so nice that I and a friend of mine who had been travelling in France for a month afterwards began to say "nice as a Frenchman" (women included, of course!) when we met someone we liked. Very helpful, with a lovely sense of humour, polite, pleasant, intelligent, down-to-earth, great understanding of the simple pleasures of life, sociable. More so on the countryside than in Paris, but that's just what it's like in other big cities all over the world. But I always try to speak French, and I think that helps. I have the impression that the French are a bit wary of speaking English, even if they have learnt it at school. Maybe that is why people who only speak English with them can misinterpret this apprehension as aloofness - but that's just my guess. As a rule I think that we are treated just the way we treat others. Be nice, open-minded, respectful and polite, and people will be nice to you. If some are not, they are the exceptions from the rule. If you say that they NEVER are nice to you, then you should start to look at yourself, your attitude and your behaviour.

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    In general, they're great! Their main problem is that they take themselves too seriously (especially the Parisians - sorry . . .) and think they are much more important than they really are.

    Great roads, food, wine, places to visit.

    PS J'ai de la famille à Paris.

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    Beautiful French girls and ugly French boys

    Most of them like pets

    They lost the world cup

    I love France

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    I like them. My grandmother's French. There not to popular here in America right now. We are a little sore that the French would not support us in an illegitimate war.

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    Bamma say you asked. Bamma say he love those little maid outfits. Bamma say they make the best breakfast. Bamma say they make pretty good mustard. Bamma say he like French lick. Bamma say remember Mr. French. Bamma say Buffy and Jody spoiled brats. Bamma say Mr. Bill an ok guy. Bamma say ever seen a French drain? Bamma say he intentionally skip over french fries. Bamma know that invented in China. Bamma say so.

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    As arrogant as the English but with a sweeter accent.

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    They are nice people, I lived in Paris for two years, the only problem with them, they can't smile when they are in the metro :)

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    I don't think most americans think much about the french. lately we have been worrying more about those pesky mexicans and that is only because our news media tells us we are.

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