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Which is the best movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

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    it had to be

    Fellowship of the ring. the best and my fave one! It recked my heart out of it ripped it up like a chainsaw and it never came back it was Acton for glory

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    The Return of the King by far is the best movie of the trilogy. The battle at Gondor was epic. Though, to be fair, the Balrog was really cool too.

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    I will never forget the first time I saw Fellowship Of The Ring. I hadn't even wanted to see it in the first place, reasoning that the book was unfilmable, but my girlfriend insisted, so I went just to shut her up.

    Three hours later I exited the cinema, completely stunned. I had never seen anything like it. I couldn't get it out of my head for months. I even had to go and see it again, and that's never happened before. Every other film I saw that year was just ordinary. The wait for The Two Towers was interminable. So there you go!

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    Return of the King. I would have to say there should be a lot of credit given to this one; very rare trilogy where the final episode COMPLETELY corresponds with the the previous two. It makes perfect sense and it has one hell of a brilliantly done fight scene--the Battle for Gondor.

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  • WiTcH
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    They are all amazing but I do have a soft spot for the first one The Fellowship of the Ring... I think mostly because I watched it like a million times.. .and I like how simple it was in the begining of the story.

  • sofí
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    For me in this order:First the fellowship of the ring,second the return of the king and last the two towers.

    And the sountrack of the three moovies is fantastic

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    The Return of the King

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    Return of the King, definitely. I felt quite moved during the battle at Gondor, as well as during Aragorn's coronation and when Frodo left with the elves, Gandalf and Bilbo. Very emotional!

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    I'd have to say two towers, just because the first one I found terribly slow moving and the third one was almost like its was all thrown together

  • Anonymous
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    Return of the king by far

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