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What can I do to diet when I eat out of a microwave most the time???

I work 12 hours a day with a drive time of anywhere up to 6 hours round trip. When I eat it is either fast food or out of the microwave. I could use some pointers on how to eat wiser.

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    Gosh that micro wave'll get you. I understand where youre coming from and the difficulty of eating healthy.

    1. Eat a good breakfast. This will be the best way to get your day off right and a meal you cant miss. This is your best chance to get in the majority of the nutrients you need.

    Calcium, Iron and Vitamins: Get some Dairy and Cheese products in whether youre eatin yogurt, drinking a glass of milk or having a cheesy omlette.

    Fiber and Essential AMino Acids: Have a fiber dense cereal, whole grain toast, oat meal

    EGG! An Egg is the only food item that is the closest to being a complete food, meaning it has practically everything you need to eat in it.

    Try to eat one fruit in the morning! Keep back fiber diculotus and colon cancer

    Next For Lunch: Pack a lunch. Worried your options might get boring, Dont be look at a jasons deli or quiznos menu and mimic them.

    Dinner: Keep it small. If this is the only meal you eat out of the micro its better that way. But if you can spare the money try a healthy frozen dinner like weight watchers or lean cuisine

    Good luck to ya and if you need more pointers or questions emai me or message me

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    Try making a few pita sandwiches with turkey and hot house cucumbers and tomatoes with a little mayo. It's quick and can travel with you. Healthy choice frozen dinners are good too.

    You can also throw a few yogurts in the freezer and take thwm along with you. When you are ready to eat them it is thawed and ready to be eaten. Nuts are great to, almonds especially. Always carry smacks with you too in a small cooler and leave it in your car so that throughout the day you have access to cold and fresh foods.

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    Fast foods places are getting better. Did you know that burger king has a veggie burger now. Most of them offer salads and they are pretty good. they come with grilled chicken. good. Subway has great low fat sandwiches. You can steam fresh veggies in the mocrowave and fruits are always good. Try slicing up an apple, spray with "I can't believe its not butter" and prinkle with splenda (sugar substitute) and cinnamon. Yum! Stay away from potoatoes, corn, green peas, & bread which are high in carbs. or at least get low / light calorie bread when making sandwiches at home.

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    McD's makes a breakfest burrito, yogurt with granola and baked apple pie. Any kind of fruit or veggie is good. Also V8 and other veggie juices. Get baked chips with whole grains, if possible. Peanut butter is good. I like it with jelly and cream cheese.

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    A vegetable stir fry is ridiculously easy and only takes a few minutes and some roughly chopped vegetables!

    happy cooking!

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    Switch your diet from meats to vegetables.

    Cut down on starches and sugar.

    Drink plenty of water; sometimes thirst is misinterpreted as hunger.

    Good luck, JON A.

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    Fruits and vegetables my friend!!

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