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What if I wanna play a PC game on a Mac?

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    Sorry, but there is currently no way to play modern PC games on a Mac. Older games might be playable using an emulator such as Virtual PC ( ).

    This has been a major concern for Mac users for many years. The best solution, unfortunately, is to purchase a PC for your gaming. Alternately, you can limit yourself to the few games which have been released for both PC and Mac.

    There is another method to run Windows games on Mac computers, which is too complicated to be effective for the average end-user. However, for those who are familiar with Unix operating system, there is a method that allows you to run Windows games on Mac computers.

    First, you will need to obtain Fink:

    Second, you would need to recompile Wine using the Unix toolset granted by Fink:

    Hopefully this would allow you to use Windows programs and play Windows games on Mac. In all likelihood an intel chipset would be better suited in order for Wine to work.

    Alternatively, you could attempt to use this (experimental and incomplete as of 17 February 2005) Mac port of Wine:

    The situation may improve when Apple switches to Intel processors, reducing the difficulty of emulation.

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    Wow, lot of Mac haters with the incorrect recommendation there. the nice and cozy Intel based Macs utilising Bootcamp will run the two Vista or XP on an identical velocity or quicker than many desktops. So what you could desire to benefit is the variety of reveal reveal & video card you're utilising. The MacBook has the weakest video. some thing, the iMac, etc. are all great for gaming. in case you employ Parallels as a replace of Bootcamp, you're splitting up the processors ability to run the device utility, so abode abode windows will run slower.

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    If it's got an intel chip inside and a copy of XP then you can use Bootcamp


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