Can I restart a honda 600 2006 without a charger?

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    1 decade ago
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    if u have enough juice to have instrument lights, but not enough to fully crank the starter, u might be able to get a push start. these bikes are fuel injected, and will require the fuel pump to be running to deliver fuel. if its completely dead, even pushing it wont work like it would on a dirt bike from not having a magneto.

    although not recommended, u might be able to jump start it as long as both batteries are the same voltage. beware tho, hooking up a battery wrong can cause it to explode at worst, frying the ecm at least.

    to avoid a battery going dead in the 1st place, put it on a battery tender if it isnt going to be run for awhile. on harley's, it takes the charging system of the bike 20-25 miles at least to fully charge the battery. sport bikes might require the same mileage since bike charging systems are very small.

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    Probably but it wont run. You seem to indicate that the battery is dead (hence need a battery charger that you dont have) and so it will start if you push start it. However a bike wont run properly and will stall again if the battery is discharged. You can try running it for a bit if you can keep it going to charge the battery. If it isnt the battery then it may run perfectly but wont start again after you stop it (after running it). If you decide to try to charge it make sure you park on a hill when you turn the bike off and test to see if it will start so that you can push start it down the hill

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    if the battey is dead, ther is one way to start it that may work, only if the battery has somewhat of a charge left, this may take a couple guys to do this, but ive done it alone before, first, put it in gear and hold the clutch in, either push the bike or get friends to push while your on the bike, get it to about a jogging speed then let go of the clutch and give it some gas, most likely it will start and you'll be on your way, giv it some time to let the alternator do its work PS. dont go to a gas station to fill it up and turn it off or you'll be stuck with a dead bike unless you push start it again

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