is it worth installing a TRD supercharger on a Tacoma that has 85K miles on it?

If anyone had any experience with having a trd supercharger on their tacoma truck, is the surge of power and torque satisfies you or would you rather just buy a V8 powered rig?

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    yes, i dont know how much boost the trd SC will put out in stock form, but you can always underdrive it for more if you are not satisfied. The SC will increase power, resale, and just make the truck a lot more fun to drive over all. However, it is much harder on the engine and you may run into reliablility issues on down the road, but honestly i think point is probably about 100k miles down the road.

    Your stock computer will not be able to compensate for that much more air in the engine and you will be running lean. If you run too lean for too long you WILL kill the motor. I recommend you find out what size injectors are currently on the taco, and look on some sort of tacoma forum or something to see how much hp people are typically making with this SC.

    300cc clean, well flowing inectors are good for around 280 hp

    440cc clean, well flowing injectors are good for around 420 hp

    1800cc clean, well flowing injectors are good for around 1700 hp

    and so on...

    If you decide to buy the SC, and need to add fuel throughout the map, i recommend getting an SAFC from apexi ( or ebay. Though basically any piggy back will work. After you have something to tune with, spend the couple hundred bucks for Dyno time and get it tuned correctly and safely.

    you are welcome :D

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    how's the body/frame? 85k miles is not considered high on that truck. personally, i will only install a supercharger on vehicles with its warranty expired, If you really love the truck.It has to be a V-6 taco.

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    A friend of mine did it on his a while back. he had 120K. He figured he would keep the truck until it rusted. Wicked powerful, but to me, expensive.

    He had problems getting it just right, but much cheaper than buying a new one.

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    it wouldnt be worth puuting that expensive turbo/supercharger on the truck you should just get a v-8

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