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How do I catch a white mice without hurting it or hurting me?

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    You should definitely not catch it. Are u trying to catch it as a pet? If that's the case you can get mice at pet smart for like 2 bucks. Or was it already your pet that just ran away? you can put a little bowl of food down in the floor. and he will come to it eventually if he was a pet slowly approach him he may not run. make sure u also talk to him "sounds weird" but mice do not have good eyesight. They need to know they are being approached or they might think that they are in danger and make a run for it. email me and let me know more about this mouse id like to know more so i can help you. I have two mice of my own. Oh and BTW if your trying to catch an untamed mouse that was not your pet you should leave it alone. It could carry harmful diseases, leave a door open to the outside for a while if he wants to leave he will. If he wants to stay theres nothing you can do if you dont want to hurt him.

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    There are many humane traps available that a mouse can enter to get a "treat" but cannot exit,Get the ones with a clear plexiglass top so you can check it daily without disturbing it.Place the trap aginst a wall where the mice run.Try your local hardware store,they usually carry them.

    Sticky or glue traps are not humane.

    Good luck.

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    Wear gloves, the leather type that carpenters wear. The small white mice have tiny teeth and they do not bite, but if your really are scared.....

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    sticky glue traps

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    Is this a racist question?

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