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Christians- How long do you spend with God each day, week or every few weeks?

I feel I am getting lazy in my prayer life. When you feel spiritualy flat you do not feel like praying. I know you do not go on feelings, but unless I feel love in my heart for God I do not feel like praying to him. I love him with all on my heart, but I feel like it is buried. I got saved last year just before I was baptised at my sisters old church. Not long after that Jesus appeared to me in a dream and gave me a salvation dream, which I did not expect as I was going around doubting it for a few weeks.(still do sometimes)I have the exact words from the holy spirit from that dream by Jesus. It was "I have called you by name, you are saved, your name has been written in the lambs book of life, I have called you into my kingdom and you are mine" That was very biblical.. I had that backed up at prayer ministry as well, by the holy spirit through one of th prayer team. Just curious to know how often you spend. I just want to know if I am the most slackest person regarding prayer.

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    Once a couple of days.



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    Wow, that is incredibly cool that you were given that vision type thing in your dream. If I weren't already a Christian, I think that would convince me too! But I know what you mean about getting slack in your time with God. I've been a Christian for almost as long as I can remember, but I only started doing devotions a few years ago. That mostly consists of me reading at least 2 chapters of the Bible, reading from a devotional book (and sometimes another Christian book) and sometimes praying. I hate that I had to add "sometimes" to the beginnin of that because I know that I too need to pray much more often. I know that it's an incredibly powerful tool that we've been given, and I've seen the astonishing results of using it, yet...sometimes you just don't feel like it. I know that's wrong, and I do pray once in a while (lately it probably works out to once a day), but it's not enough. So no, you're not the most slack Christian out there- I'm right in there with you! Let's see if we can pull ourselves together and be motivated to pray even when the motivation to isn't there. Best of luck to the both of us! Bless ya!~Jenna

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    Friend we have to spend 24/7 with God, No that does not mean we have to pray 24/7 or be on our knees 24/7 But we are to be in a position to be in tune with God all the time. You say that your feelings is flat, Let me ask you a question, How was you baptized, Did your pastor use Matt 28:19 By using the Titles Father, son & holy ghost, Or did he use Acts 2:38 which is the fulfillment of Matt. 28:19 The Lord Jesus Christ is the Redemptive name of God, The Creator, & God in his Son reconciling the world back unto himself, & The Holy Ghost, There is no where in the bible can you find anyone that was ever baptized using those titles, If you notice, Matt 28:19 said name (singular term). Now concerning your dream, Yes God can give us dreams, I have had some myself, But we also have to understand, Our name is not written down in the Book of Life the night we get save, It was written there before the foundation of the world, It just took us that long to know that it was there.

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    You will find that in your walk with God there are seasons. Each season is allowed to teach you more and more about God and that also will apply to prayer and faith. By they way did you know that you are a called apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have seen Jesus 3 times in the spirit i am a apsotle and a prophet. You will find that when we are born into his kingdom we come a youth knowing next to nothing and he has to train us up into Holyness and the ways of faith. Faith must be used or you do not grow and there are times when he wil call you to pray and time when he will want you to not pray. It is about learning to follow hsi leadership. We are servants in the kingdom and there are time when a servants are called upon and times when servants are not called upon. It is the same with prayer and with applying faith.

    When you first get born into the kingdom you will thirst for the word of GOd after a time that thurst may subside becareful not to allow that lack of a thurst to cause you to cast off the word and its study. God word is food for your spirit, Prayer is also a form of praise and worship. Prayer is a tool for drawing God closer to you. Do not neglect the power of prayer. You can always find someone to pray for.

    May the Lord Jesus and our God bless and keep you.

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    I try to pray every day but it is extremely hard to spend long period of time with God. It is not a feelings thing but yes you do sometimes feel indifferent to praying. I feel slack about it all the time and I have become slack a lot of times. But I don't let my slackness stop me from praying. I ask forgiveness and start back at it again It takes discipline but it is well worth it.

    Think of the time as you and God having a two way conversation and that God looks forward to His time with you all the time. Remember, in the garden of Eden, God would come all the time and be in communication with Adam and Eve. He was interested in doing that with them and He is interested in doing that with you. God Bless You and I said a prayer for you in this regard. Keep it up.

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    I try and read everyday, or listen to a CD. I always watch a religious speaker on TV and I pray morning, day and night, and I talk to God through Jesus throughout the day. I pray about everything I do before doing it. Well most things that are important decisions anyway. Also I attend Bible study once or twice a week and go to church service at my father-in-laws house on the weekends, as he use to be a minister and we love having family church service at home like this.

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    I read my Bible just about every morning before I start my day. I pray formally (on my knees)when I first wake up in the mornings and at night before I go to bed. I also pray many times during the course of the day as I going along my way. I spend time giving thanks as well as praying. The feeling just comes over me.

    It's not easy sometimes to stay close when, but it's the challenge. The evil one has many ways of keeping us from praying, but GOD is always near.

    HE hears you no matter where you are, on your knees, lying down, sitting up in church or just walking around. Knowing that you can stay in prayer no matter where you're at or what you are doing.

    Sometimes I feel lazy to pray and think of the reality that GOD is not too lazy to hear my prayer or to be giving me life at the very second that I'm being lazy. So my thankfulness encourages me to pray and also to ask forgiveness for being so lazy towards HIM. Especialy when HE's taking care of so many of us at that very second, who are we to be lazy.

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    Praying is communion with God. It doesn't mean you have to be on your kness every morning or night. You do as you feel in your heart. Throughout the day as I do my household chores I meditate on His Word and speak to Him with my heart or just inside as if speaking to my Papa. It is awesome. I pray within me too. I ask, seek, knock....I praise throughout the day too with listening to my Christian songs. The Lord loves it when we sing to Him. In Psalms that is what David did mostly was sing to Him and dance. When reading Gods Word speak it out loud whenever possible...that helps increase your faith.

    Romans 10:17

    17Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.

    Don't listen to the lies of the devil saying you don't do enough for God or that you slack or whatever. Just keep asking God for His guidance and to lead you etc...

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    I can't really say how much time I spend with God as I usually have a conversation with him running through my head most times of most days. I never actually timed it.

    I just talk to him constantly like we were in a room together then we will sit quietly and I will pop in with "Oh yeah by the way....."

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    I believe some of the teachings of many religions, and christianity is one of them, so I consider myself to be Christian, and therefore am entitled to answer this question.

    I have visions and dreams regularly, night and day, of powerful beings gifting me messages and seeking my honest opinions or observations. I do not understand the language used by Jesus in your dream (as you have quoted it), but I understand enough to say that it is their desire that you be calm, trusting of the spirit world, and feeling safe and comforted by their presence.

    So to answer your question, I spend a completely random length of time each day conversing with God, because whenever I do time seems to stand still and It never occurs to me to look at the time before, and afterwards I am still feeling comfortable that thinking about time is possibly the least important factor to consider. I would think the length of time might be as much as the entire day (on rare occasions), or I could go for many days without.

    Stress often suppresses my ability to create the circumstances where a conversation might occur, but it also leads to higher probability of them breaking through to contact me. Sometimes they treat me as if they are angelic in nature, encouranging, comforting or calming, other times awsomely powerful, dictatorial and forceful, and other times quite neutral, accepting of any circumstance as long as they can watch. Most often of all they are a guide, an extra point of view that gives advice, perspective or opinion but cares little how it is used, if at all.

    The key to my connecting with them is to try to stop thinking and just feel. Often it also helps to close my eyes, create silence or become part of something much larger that is already at peace. It is no coincidence that you believe you are getting lazy in your prayers while simultaneously believing you feel spiritually flat.

    You have given readers an oxymoron in your additional information. you say you love him with all your heart, but you feel like it is buried. Buried where? Love is an experiential, emotional, spiritual verb, but it is also a noun. So you say you have love for him (noun), but do not love him (verb). Perhaps you need to rekindle your feelings of love for him by approaching him from a new point of view, instead of prayer. You could try typing or writing to them, and asking them to show you their love for you, in a way you couldn't possibly mistake. Some event or coincidence that is obviously a sign of their love. Perhaps being shown they love you will help remind you of how good it feels to project you love toward them. We all need a little reminder now and then, even me.

    Peace and Light for you always.

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    it depends, spending time with God also needs specifications

    some say reading the bible meditating on it in a seperate place and praying is spending time with God

    some say some other way like praying along

    some say meditating only on the word of God alone

    but to me each and every second many things makes me to thing and thank God for His wonderful works in this universe. many times counsel with God for what is happening to me and what is happening aroung the world, how people reject Him, how people accept Him., how denominations give description to God etc., but I meditate each and every second even at my working place in a frequent sequences.

    each breath some days I spend with God by thinking His works and what should I do to thank Him etc.,

    so it depends

    I thank yo for asking this question,

    God bless you

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