Anyone know of any good sites that will teach a person to be a writer?

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    What kind of writing are you interested in? Novels, poetry, journalism, reviews? No one can just be taught how to be a writer, but you can find tips which will help you become a better one. There are a number of good writing sites out there - here are a few I managed to find quickly:

    You don't have to just look on the internet either. There are a number of books which offer valuable tips and help for becoming a better writer, like the 'Teach Yourself' series. If you look in your local library, there should be a section on books related to this.

    Hope this helps!

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    Try this site--it is especially good at leading you through the process and tackling writers' myths.

    So You Think You Can Write at

    Another site that links to this page also provides some fantastic resources on the "links" page under "websites every writer should visit"

    The upper link is a great one to get you started and provides a email link for help. provides several writers' work from beginners to the well-published or advanced--many of these works can be used as examples and most of the authors can be contacted via email and may be able to answer specific questions.

    Good luck.

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    Lots of sites.

    among others ...

    To follow-up on what someone said about "learning how to be a writer" or "learning how to write", I would say "learning how to tell a story" is far more important than learning how to write. There's a big difference there.

  • Drew
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    There's a being difference between learning "how to be a writer" and learning "how to write." The "how to write" one is generally thought of as more important.

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  • Jack
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    1 decade ago

    Without a doubt -- the best site on the web is Predators and Editors. There are a lot of other useful sites as well -- and every one of their links is on the Preditors and Editors website. So this one site will hook you up to everything useful -- it's a one-stop site.

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    if ur a a really a good writer or u want to be a writer then don't search for sites

  • 1 decade ago

    don't limit urself to our suggested sites.

    Explore urself.

    There is plenty of material available on internet. Try Google search. Use search term "Fiction Writing Techniques".

  • 1 decade ago

    a writing site!

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