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Janelle Pierzina is my sister, and something is getting really weird, can you tell me?

not all of you may know who she is, she was in the tv show bigbrother. I am only 14 and shes 26, when I go to her house on weekends and stuff, she treats me just almost like if a bf/gf would treat you.

she is like doing stuff like giving me full body massages with lotion, talking to me just as shes my gf, and tells me stuff that I should not tell my parents.

Ever since I was 13 she acted to me like that, I know not many of you believe me, but I hope you truly do.

Can you tell me why she is like this to me and what should I do>?

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    Well, you should NOT withhold that from your parents...she is trying to do something that she should NOT be getting away with..and you need to stop going over there and tell her why...you are a minor, and being a brother also is even worse...can you say, potential child abuse and incest? I hope that is not what she is working up to, and if this is truly happening, I will tell you this...you have mentioned her name here, and if you are lying, this is called LIBEL...and slander...because you have put it in print..but if it is the TRUTH..then you need to tell your parents asap....Let your conscience be your guide....and if you are lying, you best clear it up before you get sued by the woman.

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    I think you may need to set some boundaries, that's not the kind of relationship I'd want between my kids

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    Dont know who she is, and i believe that you are putting this fake question to be heard.

    Why would you even name drop if this was a serious question??

    GO AWAY!

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    1 decade ago

    I think Compassion here ought to get the ten points. She deserves it.

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    she wants to have sex with you.

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