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need a soft which increases the RAM of the computer?

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    RAM is a hardware, you can not replace it with a software.

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    I recommend buying a new PC with 1 or 2 GB RAM with a dual core processor for better speed. There is no software to increase this, as the RAM is a chipset in the motherboard. Companies would lose money if there was such a program, because that would be like increasing the space on your hard drive from about 200- maybe, 950. I'm only saying, but one tip of advice. It would be better to get a dual core processor with 2GB of RAM, because my 1GB still runs almost as sluggish as my old Pentium 4 PC.

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    yeah, RAM is hardware that needs to be purchased and inserted physically into the computer. it's usually not too expensive, and can be found in good quantities at stores like wal-mart or office max (and also online). i bought a 512mb stick of ram for about $70. that may sound like a lot of $$, but it gives a DRASTIC improvement to computer performance

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    RAM is hardware. It gets installed into the computer physically.

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