Does any one have contact info on directtvnetworks free tv SCAM?

I didn't heed the warnings and yes I too was an idiot that paid $27 for the Directtvnetworks free internet tv SCAM...and all I want now is my money back.I tried using the contact us link on their site and it says to do so by phone,but there isn't any!! Can someone help!!!!! Oh and by the way,anyone out there who is thinking about getting it...DON'T! You'll be sorry...I know I am!

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    1 decade ago
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    No burned the same as you and when you are done seeing that the content is identical to other free sites , you know you got robbed and they have your credit card number.

    There is no contact information for this because there is no support..."we have your money...bye bye".

    Been doing some checking around though and it looks like they do the same thing on a variety of sites and for various other freely available products.

    Here's just a couple:

    Anyone thinking about about paying money to these guys better think's a hugeeeeee Internet scam...package up some links to normally free-of-charge products and charge a fortune...then shut down that site and start another later on.

    There might be some legitimate broadband TV services out there...this isn't one of them. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. GET IN TOUCH WITH INTERPOL INSTEAD AND REPORT THEM !!

    If you want free access to exactly the same lame useless stuff...go here :

    Costs nothing and has the exact same stuff.....just a site with links and no software or other scams your money.

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