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Is it normal to Fantasize?

I am 23 and find that I often fantasize about being someone else and dating someone I fancy. I find that I feel a lot happier when I fantasize about a different life and being someone else and often will fantasise during the day. However, it is affecting my work but it seems the only way to make me happy. I often feel really dirty after having these fantasies as I feel its not normal for someone to spend so much time dreaming about being someone else and leading a life style I will never have. I don't really know what to do and would appreciate any help anyone could give me.


It seems that i don't know how to handle my own life and feel better imagining I am someone else. I suppose its like I am role playing being someone. Work is ok but i still sit at my desk and think about and play out in my mind my dreams. I don't think it is terribly wrong what I am doing but it does eat into a lot of my day and Its like I can't focus on anything else. I am spending the whole day dreaming of being someone else and not living my life. I also can't stop feeling I am dirty and don't know what else to do to make myself feel better.

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    no it is not ad normal to fantasize. I think at one time we all have done that, or role played in our minds. Cause the world we lived in at the time was not that good for us. If you are finding that you are dreaming all the time, now that can be a problem. You really need to learn how to cope in the real world, and not always excape into a fantiasy. So if you can not get yourself out of doing this all the time, then you should really go and talk to some one about it. By your up date, there seems to be things that have happen to you that were really bad. You really need to work through those problems, otherwise they will just keep growing and growing and you will keep excaping into another world , and you should be trying to learn to deal in the real world. It may be hard to decuss the things that are pushing you to try to forget them, and go into a fantasy. You really need to go and get a therapist and work though the things that are bothering you so very badly. The sooner the better, you will find that you are not the only one with these problems, and they can help you and get you living in the world, that you try not to live in. It also sounds like you may have low self esteem, so please go and see someone about your problem, and the sooner the better, you are young yet, and you can have a happy healthy life ahead of you, feeled with good and bad, but you will be able to deal with it in the real world. Life can be enjoyable in the real world, but you need to take that first step, and go seek out a therapist that can help you.

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    None of us know what kind of life we will have. It will change with each passing year.

    Some fantasy is healthy. It allows us to relax and deal in a gentle way with our mental needs.

    Is it possible that your work does not supply you with the challenges to keep you focused? Can you find some way to make your work more interesting?

    I think you are doing really well to recognize the diff between reality and fantasy. In order to corral your fantasies, try writing them down each evening. This could be in the form of a fiction story about a person much like you.

    You may also want to draw some pictures of your fantasies. They don't have to be great art because you will know what is supposed to be on the paper.

    You'll do fine.

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    I think it's pretty normal. I fantasise about future possibilities often. Sometimes it gives me inspiration, or helps me with working on my goals. But do you do this all the time at work? This sounds more like constant daydreaming. Are you satisfied with your job? It could be that you're doing this often because you are unhappy with some aspects of your life.

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    ~You probably feel stuck in a rut and fantasizing is an escape for you. It's normal, you shouldn't feel dirty.~

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    I think everyone does it

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