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What problems have you had with your contact lenses?

I'm thinking about getting contacts.

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    I think it's different for everyone. I have worn them for years, and really enjoy them. But I also know people who's eyes just could never get used to them. I wear extended wear soft lenses, so I sleep in mine. My eyes do tend to dry out quite a bit and are quite sensitive, especially to sunlight and wind. But it's worth it to me not to be stuck in glasses. Your eye doctor will be able to recommend the best kind for your eyes after he/she examines them. Good luck!

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    common side effects:

    1-dryness of eye



    4-corneal abrasions (faulty manipulation)

    5-cornael ulcers

    6-iridocyclitis (infection)

    so there must be careful handling,antiseptic measures as cleaning and u will be fine

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    dryness in eyes

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