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Anyone Else Sick Of Hearing About Saddam Already?


Let me answer your question about the whole WHERE CAN I FIND HIS HANGING !?

- It'll probably be on Youtube soon enough, so calm the hell down.


- Yes they hanged him, they danced around his body according to Iraqi witnesses.

4/5ths of the questions being posted right now are all about Saddam. Including this one. Most people haven't a clue about what Saddam did etc. etc. so why so much interest in his death now? But I'll still admit that it is kind of neat in it's own sick way.. Phfft. I guess I answered my own question, but elaborate. I dare you. =)


Oh and speaking of sick.. I have a terrible cold. That's of no relevence, but anyone else feeling under the weather throat and nose wise?

Update 2:

.. yes it's good for people to know, but don't you realize that most are just waiting for his hanging to come out for sick pleasure? (directed torwards Mel) I have no problem with people KNOWING, I have a problem with people not-knowing and still putting in their two cents.

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    Finally, someone who has gotten full of it too and has not flocked like herded sheep waiting for a Youtube video of a execution. I applaud your reality check to many Y! Answers. People need to stop living in the past.

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    People should be interested in this issue. It is very important. Not sure where these replies are coming from but I spent 1 day in LA on Sept 11 this year and the introversion of the US is amazing. It will be good for Americans to know what is going on outside of their own barriers.

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    yeah me too. I m sick of hearing about it.. but that's what media and current events about now.. today is Saddam's Day..

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    I agree. I am so sick of it, and it just happened like a little over a few hours ago.

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    u caught a cold god bless u... most likely everyone is choking on cocktail when they heard about it and now they are sick of the questions about saddam and bcoz of the cocktail...

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    I just wonder why most Americans think he was executed.

    they probably havent a clue about the genecide.

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    Hell to tha yeah! People are just blabbering about it because they think they should. He was defiant to the end so who cares?

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    thank you. definite, to respond to your question. somebody could count variety what number tautological questions regarding this project there are truly are simply by fact it occurred. i might project to assert a minimum of 80+

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    Are we guilty of killing him?

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    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!


    U = ROCK!

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